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Get A Plan. Get Control. Get Happy.


Personal finance is personal, and now is the time for you to take your finances back into your control. Too much are our daily lives run by the stress of not knowing where we stand financially or by the lack of a plan to get finacially fit. That is why provides free tools, such as the free budget planner / calculator, and guidance to help you...Get a Plan. Get Control. Get Happy.

The information provided here is not the answer to everything, not even close. It is, however, a good start and a hope to get you started in the right direction.

Question: Where do I start to take control of my finances?

Answer: If you do not know what finances you have or don't have, you cannot start controlling them, so read each of the sections, but use the Free Budget Planner / Free Budget Calculator to find out where you stand.

  • Budget: Find out where you stand by using the free budget calculator / free budget planner and stick to your plan!
  • Debt: Learn three techniques for paying off debt and use a great link to a debt calculator!
  • Retirement: Start now and see how even a little investment in your future now goes a long way!
  • Investing: Learn about "3D Investing" and take some of the fear out of the market. Has a great link to learn how to start investing with only $100!
Monthly Income
Monthly Expenses - Housing  
Mortgage Payment

Property Taxes

Condo/Association Fee (if applicable)
Monthly Expenses - Regular Bills  



Cell Phone(s)
Medical Supplies (Prescriptions, etc.)
Car Insurance
Life Insurance
Monthly Expenses - Living Expenses  


Pet Supplies
Fun and Entertainment
Monthly Expenses -Additional Expenses
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Total Expenses
Amount Available for Savings
Monthly Savings  
Long Term Savings

Roth IRA


Monthly Savings - Additional Savings
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Total Amount Remaining


(Tip: Press the "Calculate Budget" button before viewing and printing your budget)

" Now is the time for you to take your finances back into your control. "

Budget Calculator/ Budget Planner Instructions:

1) Enter your monthly income after taxes.

2) Enter your monthly expense in each box that applies to your situation. (Example: If you do not have a mortgage, but pay rent, do not enter an amount in the "Mortgage Payment" box.

3) Enter additional expenses into the "Monthly Expenses - Additional Expenses" section by entering the name of the expense in the left hand box and the amount of the expense in the right hand box.

4) Enter the amount of savings into the appropriate boxes and use the "Additional Savings" boxes as necessary. Do not enter money that you have already put into a 401K or Retirement Plan at work, since those dollars are already taken out of your paycheck!

5) Press the "Calculate Budget" button to find out how much money you have remaining. If it is a negative number, check your expenses and savings to find out what is causing you to spend more than your make (uh oh!), and if you have money left over (oh ya!), put more money into savings or put it towards "Fun and Entertainment".

6) "View and Print" your budget and stick to your plan. (Budgets will only work for people who follow them!)